Julia Paranay


Changewise, Service Design

Changewise is a nonprofit that works directly with students to clear the fog of finance. We help you grow your financial knowledge instead of the usual college student motto, "I'll deal with it later." Changewise is here to help you set up budgets, improve your credit score, plan your loan payments, and tackle any other financial needs. The best part is convenience. We know that college students are busy, so we come to you and work directly out of the Changewise bus. Check out the video to learn more.

Group Project Team: Julia Paranay, Maggie Edgar, Allison Spitaels, and Ali Eddlem The role that consumed most of my time was creating our final deliverable, the animation.

Project Information

Design Research

Service Design

MassArt 2015

Senior Year

Materials & Methods

Paper and Pencil for Research and Sketching, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects